Master Key Lock

A master keyed lock is actually a lock that's built to be opened up by specific keys, but could also be opened using a master key. A Master Key System includes a hierarchy of keys along with a variety of cylinders or locks that let different or individual key holder gain access to any given parts of a building or buildings.

Master keys are usually utilized by property owners throughout apartment buildings in which there is a master key that can open a door in every apartment, where renters also have their keys for their particular apartment. Other common areas in the apartment can also be opened using this key including the main door of the entire building. However, it cannot be used to open another apartment unlike master keys.

Master key systems also involve grand master and sub master keys. Master key is all you need if you must have an access to multiple doors without the hassle of asking each key holder to unlock the door for you.

According to the requirements of the key holder, we are able to create different master key systems. All you need to do is to dial our number and our accommodating phone staff are more than happy to assist you. Remember that you can easily reach us by phone 247.